‘Thank you for reaching out ‘ woman who published suicide note saved

A female online user by the name Joki Sue caused a panic online after posting a suicide note prompting Kenyans to reach out to her and try help her.

Sue wrote a note suggesting she has had enough of the fake people in her life. She went on to talk about how family and friends leave you when you have nothing but they are present when you have it all.

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Sue regretted that she has not left an offspring behind. Her message even says that she has already made up her mind. She even asks God for forgiveness because of the act she is about to commit.

“Behind every smile there is a very painful past, but ever wished u don’t want to exist anymore,coz trust me, when u have everything ,u have everyone by ur side,but when u lose it all, even ur own blood can betray you, I know how it feels, I’ve experienced that already,.
Don’t come to my grave crying asking God questions, just ask urself, “did I play my role in her life”, did u even add any value.
How I wish I could have left an offspring to represent me in this cruel world, but its too late for that, forgive me ooh Lord!!
” only for the wise “.

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A few hours after that post, she wished her followers and friends her last goodbye. Sue specifically pens down a note to her best friend, Nanu and all she has for her were thankful words. She wrote:

“My last goodbye,
Thankful to those friends who stood by me no matter what.. I appreciate u, dearest “Nanu” my ever best friend… I know this will hurt you soo much, but I quit life.
May almighty God forgive me, but may he rest my soul In peace. Bye bye life. Much love.”

Thanks to Kenyans of good will who reached out to her, Joki is now safe and sound and took to her facebook to thank those who reached out to her adding that she knows that she is not the only one going through a tough time.

she wrote

“I’m okay now,thanks everyone who have spared his/her time to talk to me and take me through this, and I’ve realized that, so many people out there have gone through and some are even going through more than I do. Pastor Cathy, thanks for your word’s, that I should value life.
God bless u all for all your care and support.
You saved a life.”

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