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At first it looked like a joke, I am now paranoid – Huddah on coronavirus

Huddah Monroe might generate a lot of controversy on her social media page frequently. Just this past week she threatened to deal with Khaligraph Jones by giving him her guava.

The comment excited many Kenyans during this time period when many are concerned with the consequences of the recent coronavirus pandemic.

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Miss Monroe in white

But is Huddah herself concerned about the pandemic even as she jokes online? She is. And very. Alhuddah Njoroge has said that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection reports looked like a joke at the beginning.

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In a post on her insta-stories, Huddah stated that the seriousness of it is now hitting home for her and it’s already scary.

“Leaving social media for a while. All this news daily is weighing so much on me and my spirit. At first, it looked like a joke. But now it’s really hitting home! And the more I see it: the more paranoid I get!” she said.

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In another post, Alhuddah called on people to stay indoors and pray for the best. She also urged them to stay educated and keep a positive thinking and all will be well.

“Stay home. Stay prayed up! Stay educated. Keep a positive mindset. And hope for the best!” she added. Huddah Monroe who is currently in Dubai made the remarks on Tuesday night.

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