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Joho’s favourite barber reveals photos of his pregnant girlfriend

Governor Joho’s barber Dufanda has unveiled the love of his life. The celebrity barber did this after sharing photos of his pregnant bae, Sarah Mukami.

He accompanied that with love messages that read;

We’re 32 weeks and the doctor said the twins could come anytime between 37 to 38 weeks…I mean, they could come anytime now! I can’t lie, I’m a bit nervous simply because this will be a HUGE addition to our life and we just don’t know what to expect. I feel like I’m not prepared! But how do you even prepare for twins???! At the same time, I’m super excited and full of joy. I can’t fully explain how I feel inside but just know I absolutely cannot wait to hold our BLESSING and MIRACLE babies in my arms!
Thank you Lord for choosing us to be a testament of how good you really are!!

In another post, he described the qualities that attracted him to the love of his life

I love this woman because she epitomized selfless love… Her heart was bigger than her sexy frame and her smile was timeless… She was always transparent and kept it real with me… She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen both inside and out… Since Day 1, I knew she was my love The way she carried herself, her love for God… I needed that… God knew I needed her and He was spot on when He showed me this jewel… As I began to know her it became very clear to me I couldn’t live another year without telling her how I love her ❤️ ( it wasn’t easy 😂 am a shy guy)…

Adding that :

“The past 3 years have been incredible… I am not the same man I was 3 years ago and that’s because I have an amazing Partner ❤️ who prays for me continuously and pushes me to be all of who God has called me to be… She’s my life… She’s going to be the mother of my babies 💙💖BLESSING & MIRACLE… She’s everything I knew she would be since the first time I laid eyes on her… I love you”

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