Ali Hassan Joho with Paris Hilton

Watch video of Ali Hassan Joho and Paris Hilton cuddling

Ali Hassan Joho is having the time of his life as the governor of Mombasa. But hasn’t he been the governor of the coastal county since 2013?

He has, but this month of August will be quite memorable for him. The governor has been in the USA since last month and has been posting images of his trip there.

Ali Hassan Joho
The sultan looking great L.A

One of the highlights for him will definitely be meeting socialite and reality T.V star Paris Hilton while in L.A. His latest video captures him together with American socialite Paris Hilton.

Photos of stylish Joho in Beverly Hills causing the ladies to go gaga!

In the video, Paris is dressed in a purple print thigh-length dress with sunglasses while the governor is in a yellow print shirt and black jeans.

Ali Hassan Joho with Paris Hilton
Ali Hassan Joho with Paris Hilton

The two can be seen smiling and generally having a good time on the video. The model seems to have dazzled Joho and his entourage, including Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz. Watch the video below;

Mombasa County Director of Communication and Public Relations, Richard Chacha, said the Governor travelled to America to attend to a number of official meetings;

The Governor travelled to Washington DC to attend business meetings with different investors that would see partnerships being formed. He is set to be back anytime this week. The pictures seen are just him having a few days off from work. He is entitled to 30 off days which he has never utilised since coming into office.

In 2016 while he was in Dubai he met up with rap star Fat Joe. He was also a major player in Chris Brown’s rumoured Sh90 million concert in Mombasa that happened back in October 2016.

Ali Hassan Joho
Ali Hassan Joho looking stylish

Fun fact for those who don’t know; Kim Kardashian worked for her friend Paris Hilton as her stylist and assistant. She can be seen on The Simple Life, Hilton’s reality show with Nicole Richie, performing menial tasks.

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