Joho and Uhuru together

Where has your hair gone to? Kenyans curious about Joho’s hairstyle

Ali Hassan Joho is one of the most stylish politicians…nay people in Kenya. The governor’s tastes may be flamboyant but yet they are not gaudy.

Governor Ali Hassan Joho
The governor looking dashing

And keeping with his fashionable ways the good governor does not frown on the wonders of a good haircut or a great barber to boot. He admitted earlier this year that he pays his Congolese barber an eye-watering 10k for a single hair cut!

Joho at the barbers
Joho at the barbers

And the godly barber’s results were plain for all to see with many amazed that the governor’s once receding patch was now a thing of the past.

But it seems like the magic was temporary as a patch can be seen forming again. This was spotted by curious Kenyans when Joho gave Uhuru Kenyatta a tour of his county yesterday. The pictures showed a rear view of the governors head with part of his hair falling off.

Joho and Uhuru together
Joho and Uhuru together

One particular social media user captioned the photo inquiring whether Mombasa barbers had gone on a strike. Some of the comments are below;

BrutalHonest 🇰🇪 🇳🇬 🇸🇸 🇺🇬 🇿🇦; Whats happening with Johos hair.
Alube; Iyo kipara ya Joho imeweza
japheth mkenya; Please 001 visit Betty’s beauty parlor for better service..
Dr Mugo John; Niliwaambia hii mambo ya kulazimisha vitu si mzuri. Angalia vile Joho anapambana kuficha form. Nyoa kichwa safi kama balloon bana..ikikataa imekataa
Dr Mugo John; 😆😆😆😆 huyo camera man hajamfanyia fiti
Nature Geek; Amefanya nini nywele
OscarKaranja; He needs the barbershop ASAP, don’t Force the the disappearing Afro hehehehe… Time to go Clean & Bald… And enjoy time with the Wazee.
Dominic Nzikali; People are not being fair to Gov even on hair cuts😂
CASH BAIL!! 🇰🇪; Si atwee ndevu aweke kwa kichwa🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒
Lacaz; Lakini Hon. Joho akubali tu matokeo. Hiyo chinja ishamkataa, kipara tayari😂😂

Joho with his barber Dufanda
Joho with his barber Dufanda

What do you think of his hair yesterday? Bad hair day, or lack of photoshop?

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