Ali Hassan Joho

Photos of stylish Joho in Beverly Hills causing the ladies to go gaga!

Ali Hassan Joho is probably the most stylish and attractive politician that we have on this shores.

The Mombasa Governor always dresses well and has horned his wardrobe to fit any occasion; be it for a fun gala, a serious stakeholders meeting or just a lazy afternoon, the man has the clothes and the accessories to pull off any look.

Ali Hassan Joho
The sultan looking great L.A

The reason for that whole intro is what the good Governor did while he was away. You see, Joho is in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles at the moment. The Governor posted images of himself on his Instagram page to the astonishment and amazement of his legion of female (and male) admirers.

Ali Hassan Joho
Ali Hassan Joho looking stylish

In the pictures, one can see that the Governor is clad in nice faded black denims, a muliti-coloured tee, a nice black jumper, white sneakers and finishes off the look with a nice gold ring and a top of the range watch.

This is how much Governor Joho loves wearing Versace

Many of his followers commented on his dress sense but many noted that they would still like to see the streets of Mombasa looking cleaner.

Ali Hassan Joho
Ali Hassan Joho looking stylish

Read some of the comments below;

jayeliude Whoever dresses you needs a pay rise… If it’s you, you also need a pay rise 😅
honeyhon27 Wewe kangarishe taka taka city wacha kujianika kama wewe ni tuarist destination 😂😂😂mombasa tunanukiwa na uvundo wataka BUT UKO FINE MEEEEEEN!🔥🔥
ellagift1988 Looking good man, But Mombasa City is rotting in dirt… It’s really stinking..why can’t you do something about it as you slay.
keem_money The best dressed Governor of all time 🙌🙌🙌
cwambasi 💥👍Sultan001. Kiboko yao!
voxxmsela Hiyo hood naikujia mhesh ananifaa
jeremye336 This governor of ours jst takes pixs…. rudi mbsa stop slaying
griffinsshihundu Pesa ya county ndio hio iko kazi …good work governor #keep it up
chief_disi Hapo umechemsha Boss,swagger zakikamba
menace_prolific A L E X A N D E R MC Q U E E N 👑 👑 👑
razkenya Kali🔥👊
_shaneez.makaka_ Eish, we are sorry😍

Governor Ali Hassan Joho
The governor looking dashing

This isn’t the first time the governor has impressed with his exotic tastes. Last year, the governor was seen driving a Ferrari California. The car is estimated to cost at least 30 million shillings!
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