John Magufuli with Janet Magufuli

Meet Janeth, the woman who captured the late Tanzanian president Magufuli’s heart

The world woke up to the news this morning that Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli has passed on. The man whose political approach could best be described as, “Take no prisoners” was arguably Tanzania’s most controversial president ever.

Other than that, the late president has behind a beautiful wife called Janeth Magufuli with whom they had three kids.

John Magufuli with Janet Magufuli
John with Janeth in the past

Very little was known about Magufuli’s marriage life although it is clear that his wife, Janeth was a teacher at Mbuyuni Primary School located in Dar es Salaam. Former First Lady Salma Kikwete also used to teach at the same Primary school.

Janeth Magufuli behind her husband in church
Janeth Magufuli standing behind her husband in church

Janeth had been serving as the country’s First Lady since November 2015. Most of the information known about Janeth is based on her extensive teaching career.

Some of those facts are below;

-Janeth was a Standard Five teacher. She used to specialize in teaching Geography, History, and ICT.

janeth speaking to a crowd
janeth speaking to a crowd

-She is a hard-working woman and was a very good teacher. Above all, she is a very lovely and humble woman.

-She is a woman with a good heart. She once took the initiative to donate a wheelchair to a disabled pupil at the school.

John Magufuli with Janet Magufuli in the past
John with Janeth in the past

-She is down to earth woman insisting that the Magufuli children went to Mbuyuni Primary School.

-She never used to miss her classes and, if she had an emergency, she always swapped with another teacher.

Janeth Magufuli in yellow

-Even when she was a minister’s wife, one couldn’t notice that she was a minister’s wife.

-Mrs. Magufuli is also a peacemaker. If there was a misunderstanding, she would step in to make peace.

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