John ‘KJ’ Kiarie narrates how goons tried killing him in his campaigns

Former comedian and current Dagoretti member of parliament John Kiarie has opened up about his scars. Kiarie, says he was attacked while campaigning for his seat as an MP.

When I was on the campaign trail, I was attacked by a gang of goons. Some opponents didn’t want me on the ballot paper and they sent some goons because they wanted me dead.

The ex Redykyulass star says the goons that were sent by political opponents left his left hand badly injured.

I was really beaten to a pulp. And before I passed out, these guys who had been surrounding me with these crude weapons, one of them attempted to hit my head, so I lifted my arm and the Jembe stick hit my hand and it went limp.

He spoke this during an Engage Talk tittled The Scars I carry,

My story is about tattoos that you carry in life, it doesn’t matter what you aspire to be, I can tell you that life will leave you with scars

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