John Boyega

Woman pesters Star Wars actor John Boyega seeking to be his wife!

John Boyega the black Star Wars actor has Nigerian parentage. That he is struggling to find a wife from Nigeria was not known until he shared on his social media.
John Boyega
John Boyega. photo credit: instagram/John Boyega
He was sad because in his holiday in Nigeria the actor could not find a nice Nigerian woman to marry. This guy clearly believes in love at first sight! He said:

 He wrote this after being on holiday in Nigeria:

But a desperate Nigerian woman saw his posts and wants to help him. She has relentlessly bombarded the actor with a list of her qualities, literarily begging the 25-year-old actor to marry her. The determined lady from Delta state called Ufuoma Tony decided not to let the actor rest.
She pestered him with numerous tweets showcasing how wonderful she would be for the actor.

I think this is true love! Hehe!

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