Exclusive: Here is why former Citizen TV host Joey Muthengi does not want to ever have kids nor get married

During a candid interview with a local radio station former 10/10 host Joey Muthengi opened up on the reason she NEVER wants to get married or have kids.

Hard as it may to imagine the beautiful damsel said marriage is not something that is on her mind adding that the decision has not been made now.

“I don’t want to ever get married,Marriage is not something that I  ever want. Ask my mum I told her 10 years ago. Marriage is not for everyone whoever wants to get married acha waoleke.

If something does not add value acha ikae.”


Exclusive: ‘I never want to get married nor have kids EVER ‘ Joey Muthengi clears the air over her ‘alleged affair’ with Mariga

On being asked why she made such a serious decision Joey confessed that she has been badly hurt before hence the decision.

“I have been hurt a lot before, I love bad boys and when I love I love very hard. It is hard for me to accept that a relationship is over ntakukwamilia tu.

I chose badly (men wise) and so I cannot blame them. Now I Just keep my distance. I think that has also contributed to why I don’t ever want to get married.”

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