Mariga and Joey Muthengi

Exclusive: Joey Muthengi clears the air over her ‘alleged affair’ with Mariga

Joey Muthengi has been trending for the last few days.

First for her decision to quit her job at Citizen and her ‘alleged’ relationship with Mariga.

Speaking candidly during an interview with a local radio station, Joey says that the story about Mariga has gotten out of control.

“People forget we are human. It has been a difficult week for me. I traveled to Machakos for a few days to get away from all this.

It is very toxic. To be frank, this Mariga story has gotten out of control and just to set things straight I am not moving to Italy. I am not even planning on getting married.

‘Joey Muthengi is lying about relationship with Mariga,’ screams family member

Marriage is not something I have ever really thought of. You can actually ask my mum about it. I told her about this decision 10 years ago.

Marriage is not for everyone acha mwenye anataka kuoleka aoleke, but personally if something is not adding value to your life acha ikae.”


MacDonald Mariga set to get married and the bride is not Joey Muthengi

In an earlier interview with SDE, Joey stated that she would be traveling to Milan but made it clear that she was not going to visit Milan Mariga.

She says

You guys are such a sweet couple…

Are we (laughs)? Mariga is a cool person and he and I are real friends. I am very fond of him. I will be moving to Italy in January and I guess time will tell what next.

Are you confirming that indeed you are an item?

I said I guess time will tell what next. I said I am very fond of him (laughs).

So…since Mariga stays in Milan can we say “Italy here we come?”

Well, I will be moving to Italy in January for holiday. I think I need to get a good break for myself and so I can confirm to you that I will be in Milan for a while. The BetIn deal, whose shoot was in Italy, opened doors for me and given a chance I would still work with them.

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