Joanna Kinuthia marks a year in cosmetics industry


Kenyan cosmetics queen Joanna Kinuthia has marked a major milestone in her business.

She is celebrating being in business for a year after launching her cosmetics and lipstick brand Joanna K in December 2018.


Back then she quit her regular job and hit the ground running where she made her first million shilling.

The makeup queen in her youtube channel admitted that she has made many mistakes in her first year of business.

I’ve faced challenges I never thought I would face, and I just kept thinking I want the year to end, and here we are one year in business.

The fast growing beauty business has been a learning curve as she narrates below

I’ve learnt so much about myself, life and this business, things present themselves and I realize haiya so I can do this.

one mistakes I made was business plan verses vitu kwa ground ni different, because before I started Joana K Cosmetics I was so obsessed with having a business plan

I advice people not to spend too much time with coming up with a business plan, and I know sometimes people tend to put things off with the excuse that I don’t have a business plan, sis it doesn’t matter start the business,



She also admits she is still struggling with some aspects of biashara

‘had I not spent money on personal shenanigans like buying a car, in February that has affected reinvesting back into the business. A few months after I was in a place where I needed capital t expand the business, so it has been stressful for me because of my decision to buy a car.’

Joan says she put so much pressure on herself comparing with how other cosmetic business put themselves out there, and served as a discouragement

if you cant afford to do things the way other business do, imagine its okay it will happen in its own time. I always dreamt of having a big billboard, and I got stressed, yet it wasn’t in line with my business,’.


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