Jimmy Gait says he is abstaining till marriage but admits he is not perfect

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait says he is abstaining until he is ready for marriage.

In a recent interview with Willy M Tuva, the ‘Huratiti’ hitmaker said he is set to wed soon.

“I like to follow the ways of God….Right now, I am abstaining,” he said.

Asked if he is still pure, Jimmy Gait was cagey saying he does not want to trend.

“I will answer you that question next time, I don’t want to trend, I am not perfect.”

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Jimmy Gait
Jimmy Gait

In a past interview Jimmy said that he is not interested in dating church girls since the majority of church girls are hypocrites from his dating experience. According to him, he’d rather look to settle down with a saved woman that is not religious than marry a religious girl.

“I have tried dating women in the church but it did not work. I want a woman who is saved and not religious. Most of the church girls ate religious but they are not really what they portray. I have always dated church girls and there is a lot of hypocrisy,” he explained.

Adding that he has tried several women who end up eating bus fare and fail to show up.

“I have dated, quite a number of times and it didn’t work, nimetuma fare sana. Lakini hii Nairobi ni Nairoberry. For me, I want someone who I can connect with and that’s not ready to come by but I am trusting God.”

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