Amber Ray with Jamal

Jimal Rohosafi’s 1st wife Amira threatens to sue Amber Ray

Jimal Rohosafi’s handling of his two wives so far has been terrible to say the least. And who am I to say that? Just an ordinary bystander, who is troubled by the war going on between his two wives.

The war of words between the two has reached the pinnacle this week with Amber Ray firing so many salvos at Amira that have painted her in a different light.


According to Amber, she has every right to remain as a second wife since Jimal chose her over his other side chicks; but problem is that Amira (first wife) does not want to share her man with Amber. Apparently, Amira is open to having any other lady as her husband’s second wife; but just not Amber.

The socialite said that she is tired of being the bigger person and came out with all sorts of unfounded claims about Amira.

“She keeps threatening Jamal with divorce!” Amber Ray claims about 1st wife Amira

In one of her Instastories, Amber claimed that Ms. Amira had abandoned their two kids, while travelling to Dubai to eat life with a big spoon, a claim that Amira was quick to deny.

The mother of one also claimed that Amira was also acting all innocent on social media but behind the scenes was causing drama for her husband by threatening to poison herself and her boys.

But Amira has had enough of Amber’s unfounded allegations and asked her to give tangible evidence to her stories; if not, she is ready to take legal actions for defamation. In a now-deleted post Amira wrote, “You realize I am not Amber. Please let her answer I am also eager to see otherwise, I’ll file for deformation.”

And Jimal the wealthy businessman is still not commenting on the whole fiasco still. Man of the house indeed.

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