Jennifer Lopez hints she is open to marrying for the fourth time

Jennifer Lopez appeared for an interview on the Ellen Degeneres show where she said that her beau Alex texted her from the bathroom that she looked ‘sexy af’ during their first date. 

During the interview with Ellen, she said Alex always claims their first date wasn’t actually a date, adding: ‘We have a little bit of a thing about this.’

The multi-talented singer and actress continued: ‘He asked me – he goes “lets go out to dinner” and I said OK and I think that’s a date. And then afterwards – after we have this date – he says “I didn’t know if this was a date, if you were seeing somebody.”

Jennifer however responded back with: ‘I wouldn’t have gone out with you if I was seeing somebody else.’

She added that ‘While he reserves the right to say we were just having dinner, he started the date by talking about Benny,’ referring to her manager Benny Medina.

Calling it cute, Jennifer told the story of their ‘not date’ as they were ‘eating dinner and getting to know each other.’

Jennifer says: ‘He leaves and goes to the bathroom for a second’ and so to pass the time she texted a girlfriend who knows Alex – telling her that she’s on a date with him.

She continued: ‘He’s walking back toward the table and I see him coming and my phone beeps and I think it’s my girlfriend and I look down.’

She peeks at her phone and sees a text from Alex ‘and he goes “you look sexy af” and I was like OK.’

‘So he went to the bathroom to text you that?’ Ellen asked.

Jennifer said: ‘He couldn’t say it’ to her face because he was shy, adding, ‘I had a turtleneck on and baggy pants and stuff. It wasn’t like I was dressed for a club or anything.’

Ellen quipped: ‘He thought that was a date at that point. He wouldn’t have said that at a business meeting.’o-stars Derek Hough, Jenna Dewan and Ne-Yo were also on hand.

Also on the show Ellen accidentally called Jenna Dewan-Tatum even though she has split from Channing Tatum; the host was quick to apologize.

The episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Jennifer airs on Wednesday.

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