Professor Hamo with Jemutai

Jemutai explains why her 1st son with Prof Hamo doesn’t have his family name

Comedian Stella Bunei popularly known as Jemutai has been a wealth of information as far as her relationship with hubby Prof Hamo goes.

Maybe it’s that for 6 years she couldn’t really speak up about her relationship with the famous comedian as she was the other woman.

But now that it is in the open and he has officially claimed her, Jemutai is letting it all out telling all the secrets from her once-secret affair.

Jemutai said that her relationship with Hamo has had some rough patches explaining one particular incident where the Prof had refused to take up his responsibility as a father after she got pregnant with their first child.

In March 2016, Hamo told her he couldn’t be there for their child. The actor said that after she got pregnant, she and Hamo were no longer close. “We turned from being BFFs to strangers because of a baby,” she said.

“I once dumped Prof Hamo for having many women” Jemutai narrates

Jemu also explained why her first-born son didn’t have his father’s Kikuyu name. According to Kikuyu culture, the first child is given a name from their father’s side. Prof Hamo’s real names are Herman Kago.

“My son’s name is Jeremy Kantai Mosi. Kantai means musical and I was ready to tell him that his father liked music that’s why I gave him the name. Mosi means one and I did so because I didn’t want to have another child. It was me and Jeremy against the world.”

She added that Hamo would only see his son after eight months and that after that they started getting closer to each other and then rekindled their love.

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