Bob Collymore with Jeff Koinange 2

Jeff Koinange remembers heated argument he had with Bob Collymore

Jeff Koinange keeps on dropping interesting anecdotes about his late friend and former Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore. On his show last night, he revealed how their friendship had had periods of in-fighting, moments where they couldn’t stand each other.

During the special edition of JKLive to commemorate the deceased CEO, his friend Jeff recounted a time when they had a heated exchange forcing him to leave their WhatsApp group.

The boys club
The boys club that included; Alykhan Satchu, Patrick Quarcoo, Peter Kenneth, Jeff Koinange, Bob Collymore, Bharat Thakrar, Nic Hailey. Joshua Oigara

But that wasn’t all, Jeff says that barely 10 minutes after he left the WhatsApp group, Collymore himself called him up and called him out. Jeff said;

My most stubborn moment with Bob was when I left the WhatsApp group. Do you remember? I deleted myself from the group and left a few expletives. But less than 10 minutes later he put me back and said, ‘nobody exits this group, it’s a one-way street’.

Collymore-wedding with Jeff attending
Jeff attending Collymore’s wedding in a file photo

Peter Kenneth who was another member of the panel agreed by saying;

He talked to us. It would have been hurtful to him because first of all, you and him, as you rightfully said, started off as best of friends. Remember, through his first hard times initially, you were there for him.

Bob Collymore with Jeff Koinange
Bob Collymore with Jeff Koinange

Jeff conquering by adding they often met used at Bob’s home before the group was formed, saying;

We used to meet a lot at his house or he would come over to my house before this group was formed. I don’t know what it was. I think it was when I first met him and thought he was Michael Joseph’s bodyguard.

The late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore had a battle with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) before he succumbed on Monday, July 1.


He was cremated on Tuesday at Kariokor crematorium with his memorial service taking place today.

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