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How JB Masanduku lost his BBC job for being an alcoholic

Comedian JB Masanduku says he lost many jobs among them BBC in 2017 because of being an alcoholic.

In the second episode of ‘Jack in the Box on Instagram’ hosted with his wife Jackie Karanja, JB revealed that he was unable to keep his job at the station as he was struggling with the alcohol addiction.

Masanduku has in the passed opened up about his 3-year long battle with alcoholism that ended up costing him his marriage to Tina Kaggia, his finances and the lucrative jobs.

The Comedian claims that he was making up to Kshs. 300,000 at the job.

“This one day I’m supposed to host comedian Njugush but I did not appear,” he said.

Instead of going to work, he passed somewhere had some drinks and before he knew it, he had missed the show.

“The girl I was with at the time cheered me on,” he said.

He added that by the time he was getting back to his senses, he found that Njugush had decided to ‘interview himself’.

To save his job, Masanduku sought the services of a medical doctor around Ngara area in Nairobi to give him a leg cast which would demonstrate a supposed injury to the leg.

This was to justify why he missed the show.

JB Masanduku and his bae Jackie
“I told the doctor, I have Ksh20,000, I need you to put a cast on my leg and say I was hit by a motorbike,” Masanduku explained.
His employer was tired and so he could not listen to him, they knew he was out drinking.

“Even if you come here in an ambulance, you are not professional. We all drink and we knew you were drunk. You are the most stunning comedian but the drink will be the end of you,” he said

“He didn’t even have remorse for me while I was in a wheelchair,” Masanduku added.

“If I could get another opportunity like that…” he concluded.

JB is now engaged to Jackie and are living together.

JB Masanduku with his new woman
JB Masanduku with his new woman

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