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Meet Janet Mbugua’s dad looking like a teen as he turns 70

Janet Mbugua Ndichu is a blessed woman ,not only because she is married to a supportive husband  but because her parents are still alive.

Unlike most people Janet is lucky to still celebrate fathers day ,and birthdays with her father as he  awaits the birth of his grandchild.

Janet who has been in Paris touring and enjoying the country took the time to celebrate her dad as he celebrated his 70th birthday.

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Janet Mbugua and her father
Janet Mbugua and her father

Janet Mbugua’s fans could not believe that her dad is turning 70 he is truly a definition of ageing gracefully.here are their comments

w_kibzAaaaw 70 looks good on him want to be like your pa’s when I get there

jackienawireHappy birthday baba Janet…

watchmefly1995Your dad doesn’t even look 70. Wow ! Black doesn’t crack 100%.Happy birthday to your dad👍

janetnjoroge50Happy birthday paps, more grace to you

isabelchegeWow your dad is so blessed. See his babies, looking lovely.❤

jedidah_agAawww pa does not look 70. #Blackdon‘tcrack. 🎂🎂🎂🌟


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wanyoike_cynthiaWait 70???…how??.he looks 50!! Happy birthday to him….God bless

wilkistanyabwaYou’re twinning. How lovely. 😊😊Happy birthday to him.

jedidahaNo way Jose! Really? He doesn’t look 70. Happy birthday Baba Janet

njoki.kkSooo sweet love this pic. Dads totally rock

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