Does Janet Mbugua son know that he is getting a sibling? She reveals

Janet Mbugua’s son (Huru) is a treasure to the family.

The boy is three years now and his wisdom is inevitable with the way he communicate with his parents.

On his first birthday, the enviable couple got Baby Huru a doting baby elephant.

When Janet’s friends asked to know what they bought him for his first birthday, Janet wrote;


“Some of you have asked me what we got #BabyHuru as a birthday gift? We adopted an elephant for him named Ambo, from the @dswt in Nairobi. I hope one day he understands the importance of #ElephantConservation.”

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Janet is pregnant with her second child and in her vlog, she reveled that her son knows he is getting a sibling. Meaning he is going to be the first born and of course big brother.


“Huru has totally changed especially at the beginning after we explained to him about it, I noticed that there is a difference and he constantly wanted to be with me. I tried and explained to him so that he does not get too shocked. Although I was told that the transition would be a bit tricky and that at the first few months there may be a little bit of jealousy so what I should do is include him in washing the baby and even changing her diapers.”

Janet Mbugua

The couple want their son to be knowledgeable and this is how they go about it.

“We speak to him like an adult and he has really become independent which is helping him a lot. We have also made sure that when he ask a question we try as much as possible to explain to him about that.”


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