Janet Mbugua reveals she has been losing her close friends after she became pregnant

Janet Mbugua is pregnant with her second child. She first talked about her pregnancy on a popular TV show and has constantly been telling us more about her journey.

In a recent post on her YouTube Channel, Janet Mbugua has opened up saying that other people she expected would be with her are not there for her. She added and said that most of them just kept off from her life with no explanation.

“I have also come to realize that its not everyone who is going to relate to your journey. Some people that I thought would be in my Life to enjoy this season with me, are not. It is awkward because sometimes they don’t really get in touch, it could be me sometimes who have not reached as much as I could but what I am saying is there is a bit of a gap.”

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Janet Mbugua

Janet went on;

“You find that in every transition, you are like to lose friends. It can be very painful because for some reasons, do not explain to you, they just kind off disappear.

However I do not judge them, because they could probably not be in a position to relate to me.”


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