Janet Mbugua Reveals How Some People Find Her Boring Because She Doesn’t Love Drama Or People That Come With It

Celebrated media personality Janet Mbugua Ndichu recently shocked Kenyan when she announced she was leaving Citizen TV on April 20, without revealing the reason why she was quitting media.

Janet Mbugua was appointed as the Lifebuoy Help A Child Reach 5 Ambassador, where her role is to be a hand-washing champion.

“Am I Scared?” Janet Mbugua Opens Up After Quitting TV Job

This is one of the projects that she is currently working on after leaving her job but she also has taken up another role at Kenya Red Cross as the communications director.

The stunning stylista recently appeared on TV for the first time since leaving the renowned media house, to talk about her exit and why she took that decision.

“It had nothing to do with anyone. It was just about me. I’m trying to figure Janet out and spend time with family. It’s just a break. As boring as it may sound, it is just a transition,” revealed Janet Mbugua during an interview with Amina Abdi on K24.

The outspoken journalist also rubbished rumors that Jeff Koinange’s entrance and huge salary demands was the main reason she left, saying that she had already made the decision to leave even before he came to Citizen TV.

“That was just sad because the decision was made way before Jeff joined so it could not be true,” she reiterated.


Janet Mbugua also revealed something about her personality that many of us didn’t know. Apparently, the bubbly mother does not have a flare for drama and likes people who don’t come with it.

She attributed this to growing up in the Coast where people are laid back making her the kind of person who likes to lay low and prefers a drama-free and private life, which she says makes her come across as boring to some people.

“There’s something about growing up in the Coastal region, and the way I feel is that it’s more laidback. Sometimes people think you are naive and very wide-eyed but I’m like I don’t understand drama, I grew up by the beach with ‘madafu‘, and nice sunsets by the beach, that’s what I like, I like zen,” she revealed.

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She went on to add that, “But as much as possible I like to lay low, do me and stick with the people who have known me longest. So that helps because they also don’t like drama.”

Janet Mbugua also warned people who like drama because it can be damaging to their brands or career; “People like drama and fire, and excitement but you have to be careful because it can be damaging for your brand. I’m a very private person and I don’t like drama.”


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