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Janet Mbugua – Politicians approached me for intimacy while I was married

Janet Mbugua was the face of professionalism and decorum when she anchored prime-time news a few years ago. The journalist became a household name and with it came the inevitable accolades.

What many didn’t know is that she was also propositioned by many high and mighty men while at the top of her game. Speaking to one Kenyan radio station, the media personality disclosed that although she was married and had kids, that didn’t stop some politicians from hitting on her.

Eddie Ndichu with Janet Mbugua with their sons 1
Eddie Ndichu with Janet Mbugua with their sons

The famous girls’ rights advocate narrated her experience saying,

“How many politicians, how many colleagues in the media have approached me? So many. Did I say yes? No. Even when I am married and gotten kids. I just used to say point-black that, ¨I have a family. Don´t you think what you are asking is wrong?¨.
Because honestly, actions have consequences.”

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Janet added, “It´s a choice. I just said that even if they can give me all the money in the world, what will happen to me? There is no credibility I´ll have.”

“I don´t want to sit here and pass judgment but I do believe this is wrong especially if it is somebody who has a family. On principle, it´s wrong but at the same time, it doesn´t mean that that woman should be abused, or harassed, or bullied.”

The media personality posing
Janet Mbugua posing

She also advised many young women to make better choices in the face of such temptations from the men proportioning them,

“It´s a human rights violation. She needs to be educated better that the choices that she makes will come back and hurt her because the day you are older there will be a youngin and you will be kicked out. You can lose your credibility or even your job, you lose everything.”


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