Janet Mbugua Shares A Great Memento Of The late Great Nelson Mandela

Janet Mbugua does not shy away from speaking her mind on controversial topics that most people would rather avoid and that is why most people have a wonderful opinion of her.



She is a social justice warrior who loves to reach out and help girls in their quest for growth. An example of her pursuit of changing the world for the better is her foundation called Inua Dada which is aimed at empowering the girl child and giving them dignity, like giving girls have easy access to sanitary pads.


This noble foundation has been backed by most celebrities who see her cause as one that they can fully back. So when she decided to share a tidbit on one of her heroes, it was not all that shocking that it would be on the great African and civil rights icon, Nelson Mandela. She shared her heartfelt admission on one of her social media pages, with the caption:

“He died 4 years ago today, his words stand the test of time. ‘Who are you not to be great’ :pray:🏾 #Mandela

Mandela. photo credit: instagram/janetmbugua
Mandela. photo credit: instagram/janetmbugua


The message will resonate with those who see her following in the Madiba’s footsteps, considering they share an almost identical message of dignity for all. That means, no apartheid and inequality for girls. And that people is what heroes are supposed to do, fight for the less fortunate, something that Janet Mbugua is doing very well.

Hongera dada!

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