Jane Ngoiri opens up about ‘unplanned’ pregnancy

It would be easy to assume that every woman gets super excited about finding out she is pregnant, but that was not the case for TV presenter Jane Ngoiri.

She recounts how the pregnancy came as a shock, followed by doubts whether she would be a good mother. Sharing a throw back photo, she disclosed

“If it’s Wednesday…you know it’s #ParentingWednesday. Today I am throwing it back to when I learnt I am pregnant. I had not planned so I was shocked,I wondered if I would make a great Mum,how will I balance work and motherhood. Tell me how did you feel when you learnt you are pregnant?
#ParentingWednesday #FeelingAfterLearningYouAre”

Jane Ngoiri

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Below are some of the comments from her fans narrating how they received the news of their pregnancies

luckiekamande:ย I can say I had mixed feelings. Happy and scared but now I’m no longer scared. In March we turn 1.

phylomash:ย Hi Jane mine was a shock I had another 7 month old baby I was starting weaning when I learnt I was 2 month pg. In disbelief I called my husband to ascertain if it was true or the medical practitioner had got it wrong. Anyways I breastfed both

shikorono:ย When I learnt that I was expecting my second child, it was the biggest shock. I would call my mum crying telling her I didn’t want another child. At least not so soon. My first born was 4years old but I felt it was so soon. Then I went for a scan. I just fell in love there and then and couldn’t wait to meet my lil man๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜otungatricia:Happiest moment and I thank God for the baby girl

suzzie.actress:ย I was very happy! I was waiting for it like wow! I loved it.๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’•


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