‘Raped as a three year old and as a teenager I knew i would inspire someone somewhere someday’Confesses Jamatah,Mrs Kenya Tourism Queen International 2018

Jackie Wanjiru–Nwuzor alias Jamatah is winning after being selected to represent Kenya in the Mrs Tourism Queen International pageant in Malaysia.

Despite the fact that she did not scoop the final price she was won the title of Mrs Popularity  ,but it has not been a smooth ride for her.

Mrs Kenya Tourism Queen International 2018
Mrs Kenya Tourism Queen International 2018

Born to a  Kenyan Mum and a Ugandan dad Jamatah never got to experience the full love of her parents after they broke up .

Jamatah’s family permanently moved in to Kenya in 1987 and its is here that she experienced her first sexual abuse.

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She says

“As a three year old, I was raped, as a teenager I was also raped, but I was here in Kenya at the time. I lived in a home that had a brother who was an alcoholic.

He was a troubled soul and at that time my mother was not there coz she had gone to Rwanda for business and just didn’t come back when the genocide happened.

So growing up, I actually didn’t feel beautiful. It’s been a process to get to a place where you love yourself and you actually feel beautiful and that’s what inspired me to get into modelling.”


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She continues

“I also knew a lot of people who experience that feel that way about themselves. So if nothing else, I knew I was gonna inspire somebody somewhere.”

She went on to reveal she had to run away from home because of her alcoholic brother.

“As a teenager when I had those things happen because my brother was troubled and he was an alcoholic, I got to a place where I ran away from home because his friends were doing all kinds of stuff with me basically. So I ran from home and I actually had my first son at almost 18 years old.”


She adds that a decision to try her luck to travel abroad is what changed her life.

“At 19 i decided to try for a job at the Embassy ,when i got there God stepped in for me and i went to the States and that’s how i got  a new beginning.

I went back to school,established a career ,so far i  have been living there for the last 20 years.

I met someone and it was the first relationship where i could be real.”

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