Amber Ray with Jamal

Kumbe huyu ndiye co-wife wa Amber Ray? Meet Jamal’s beautiful 1st wife (photo)

Amber Ray is over the moon at the moment. The twice-divorced mother of one is married once again. And to who all people?

A wealthy Somali businessman who had no qualms about putting a ring on the socialite and claiming her as his second wife.

The man in question is Jamal Roho Safi, who boasts an impressive following on Instagram for a man who until recently was unknown by most Kenyans.

Jamal who has been paraded on Instagram by Amber, is the man of the moment with many wondering about his background, particularly his first wife and family before Amber.

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And Jamal isn’t one to hide them, proudly posting a photo of the happy family this past Easter. From the snaps, one can tell that his wife and 2 handsome sons are quite happy and fulfilled in the presence of their father.

Jamal Roho Safi with wife and kids
Jamal Roho Safi with wife and kids

His caption read, “This Easter, I hope we can all take some time to reflect on the blessings we enjoy and the hope we have for a brighter future. From our family to yours, have a safe and happy Easter.”

At least Jamal has now dealt with the crazy speculation that was brewing about who Amber would be partnering as the second wife in the polygamous arrangement.

Amber herself is over the moon and explained in a recent Q&A session with her fans, that she had previously sworn not to get married as a second wife but luckily found a friend in her new man and that’s why things changed.

Adding that she has known Jamal for years and probably that’s why it was easy for her to settled down as wife number two.

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