‘I’ve had a hard time letting go of some people who really hurt me’ Jahmby Koikai confesses as she speaks on forgiveness

It is not easy forgiving someone who made you feel like you did not deserve to live when you were sick but Jahmby Koikai has opted to forgive.

We all have that one person who wronged us and we swore never to forgive them afterall, forgiveness does not come easy.

She says that it has not been easy but it is worth it,

” I’ve been learning about forgiveness. You know there are people who wronged you so terribly and you swore never to forgive them. I have had a few people that I’ve always carried in my heart. People i felt that I’m never ever going to forgive because of what they did to me. Forgiveness is not easy. But when you come to the realization of this process, then it becomes easy. I have learnt that it’s not your problem when people wrong you, it’s their problem.


Jahmby Koikai
Jahmby Koikai

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I’ve had a hard time letting go of some people who really hurt me. Then i asked myself the other day, ok fine I’m angry at them, is my anger solving anything? How am i helping myself while I’m getting consumed over something they did to me? Is it worth my mind, my peace, my joy? I’m learning to let go. I’ve been hurt but I’m sure there’s probably someone out there who says the same thing about me. I hurt them even without my knowledge and for that i ask for forgiveness. Take time out and breathe. Release all that anger. Anger is destruction in waiting. There are so many experiences we have gone through but we need to be free. Free from all the pain.”

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