Jahmby Koikai

Jahmby Koikai narrates how matatu driver rescued her at her hour of need

As women it is normal to experience menstruation but one is never prepared for the embarrassing moments that come when we are caught off guard.

Women around the world have different cycles and while some have light and regular flows, others have heavy and irregular flows thus being prone to messing up their clothes.

One such woman who has had to endure such embarrassing moments is Jahmby Koikai. For a woman fighting Endometriosis which brings along painful periods, she is forever grateful to a driver who saved her at her time of need.

She wrote

“Hey fam. So one day, I was leaving school (Daystar University in Athi River, 2004) and my period came on the school bus as we were heading back to Nairobi. Then I got motion sickness, humidity and the symptoms that came with these periods. Immediately the bus stopped at the Valley Road campus, I got off and vomited right infront of the Zionites Church. Dragged myself into the Nairobi campus and asked some girls for a pad. There was no uber those days and I was so broke. So I walked to the Kenyatta bus stop. Those days that bus stop was a market place. I got a number 2 matatu since our road wasn’t tarmacked.

‘I often ask God why He’s kept me alive ‘Jahmby Koikai sadly whispers


“The number 2 mat would drop me 2km from home and I’d walk. I sat by the window seat next to the driver while I tried to breathe and figure out how I’d get home. The driver could see I was in a lot of pain and I remember asking him if he could drop me at my house which was off the normal route. He agreed. The passengers agreed. I’d never been so thankful to God. I got home and crawled up the stairs. Mum and mummy were always there ready to help.Entered the house and almost vomited my gut out. My bowel movement was like an axe cutting up my intestines. Me I used to cry mpaka there would be no more tears due to the pain.This pic is so vivid. My grandma always told me to stay strong and she always told me to dress up😊❤.

‘I still have time to be here’Jahmby Koikai states she has a long life ahead


“That was my grandma’s necklace😊 Mum always prayed for me. My sis always worried about me. I’m sharing my stories to encourage women out there who’ve had to battle this disease. Thank you for supporting me this far. Kindly help me finish strong to raise Kshs 3.6 million to cover the hospital bill and therapy costs.”

‘I am not cursed, I’m fighting for other women as well’ Jahmby Koikai speaks out

Well, Jahmby is still calling out to people to help her offset her hospital bills so that she can be able to come back home,. Here are the details of her medical account

“Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
For the international fam kindly see the gofundme link on my bio
For the US fam cashapp is 678-478-7804
Lucy Karuri
In the for section kindly put Njambi Endofund.”

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