Jahmby Koikai and her mum

Jahmby Koikai mourns losing her grandma to Pancreatic cancer

Today marks 3 years since Jahmby Koikai lost her grandma to pancreatic cancer that had been discovered at an advanced stage.

In a candid Instagram post Jahmby narrates how her grandma was diagnosed with  ulcers only for doctors to find out she had pancreatic cancer stage 4.

“Mummy…It’s 3 years on. Never thought time would fly past us like this.
September 2015, is still quite vivid and livid for me. I had been having weird chest pains and a very dry cough for close to two months and my grandma had some debilitating stomach pain.

My sister and i were raised by grandma and mom who we all fondly called mummy and never shosho, my mom is mom. We were rushed to hospital.

I was told that i had to go for surgery that night due to a collapsed lung which the doctor thought was due to my underweight issues. Mummy was diagnosed with ulcers.

A few weeks later we found out she had pancreatic cancer stage 4. She later passed away on March 18, 2016.”

Jahmby Koikai's mum
Jahmby Koikai’s mum

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Jahmby goes on to say

“Now in my previous post, alot of Kenyans have been misdiagnosed with ulcers yet they have various stomach cancers. I’d like to share more info with you.
1. After getting your CT and MRI scans, a biopsy should be carried out to determine the stage of the cancer/tumour.
2. Stomach cancers cause blockages in the bile duct and one may require surgery to clear it up.
3. By the time you are done with step 1 and 2, you should have an oncologist who will help you to either start radiation or chemotherapy.
Mummy was too old for radiation plus her cancer was at an advanced stage.
4. Now for chemotherapy, please do your research on the intravenous chemotherapy or tablet chemotherapy. This is not a very easy process for any patient. We had tablet/oral chemotherapy for mummy. It was way too strong for her.
5. Morphine is the only painkiller that can ease the cancer pain. It’s not an over the counter drug. You must have a prescription.

Rest well mummy. We miss you so much❤

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