‘My heart just broke ‘Jahmby Koikai opens up on recently suffering a Lung infection .

Jahmby Koikai has been through a lot of struggles battling Endometriosis a disease that has drained her both emotionally and financially.

She has been abroad receiving treatment and just when things were starting to look up Jahmby opens up that she now has a lung infection.

“Hey fam, I’ve been having a terrible infection in my lungs. Went to the doctor and they saw a big mass of cloud in my right lung. Quite similar to when i was having lung collapses. The pain was reminiscent of what I’ve been going through. I was scared as hell. Went to the doc. Did an x-ray and he said he could see fluid in there.

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My heart just broke. So he sent us for a CT scan and thankfully the mass and fluid like stuff is just a streak of air around my diaphragm. Thankfully no surgery just medication. Doc told me not to fear, I just have an infection in the diaphragm and lung area. Summer is almost over na baridi nayo tunaionea hapo 18 maze. Namiss mtaani. Namiss kuwa poa but God ananiremind lazima nimalizane na hii process kabisa.”

Below is the account number on how to help Jahmby Koikai clear her bills and come back home
“Kindly help me finish strong to raise Kshs. 2.8m
Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
For the US fam cashapp is 678-478-7804
For the international fam kindly see the gofundme link on my bio .”
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