Jaguars Daughter Tamara Emerges Winner In Her School’s Sports Day

Kigeugeu hit maker Jaguar, is a proud father after his cute and adorable daughter Tamara, emerged top during her school sports day.

The musician posted photos of his daughter Tamara Njagua on his social media pages, with a caption “My Number 1.”

Jaguar is among local musicians who have not shied away from introducing their kids to the limelight.



Proof That Jaguar Is The Best Daddy In The World


Although the girl’s mother is very private, Jaguar has on several occasions been seen flaunting with the girls. The cute girl is simply her father’s jewel and with the way she is making her father proud in school, she will be her father’s favorite for a long time.

Jaguar is a doting father who never misses important functions where his kids are involved. The beautiful girl seems to be growing too fast and she is talented we must say.


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