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Jacque Maribe’s neighbor implicates her in the murder of Monicah Kimani: Evidence attached

Jacque Maribe’s neighbor Brian Kassaine is a lucky man after being freed in connection to the gruesome murder of Monicah Kimani.

Kassaine was arrested after it emerged that he had lent Jowie  a pistol that he used to shoot himself.

He has now turned into a State witness and in one of his admissions, Kassaine told police that on September 20, Irungu approached him in his house and requested for paraffin to help him burn some items.

Jacque Maribe’s neighbor Brian Kassaine freed after being arrested over Monicah Kimani’s murder

Brian Kassaine in court
Brian Kassaine in court

According to police, Maribe knew about Irungu’s mission in Kassaine’s house. Kassaine is said to have told Irungu he did not have any paraffin.

He told police he later learnt that the suspect used cans of air freshener to burn the clothes within the couple’s compound. In their affidavit, detectives said key exhibits in the case, which included a kanzu and a jacket were partly burnt at Maribe’s compound.

Investigations revealed that on the day Monica was murdered, Maribe and Irungu were together. Further, reports indicate that on September 21, at about 1 am, Irungu woke Kassaine up in his house and asked him to go collect a gun.

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Kassaine then collected the pistol with 28 bullets and one spent cartridge on the floor adjacent to the master bedroom on the upper floor of the house. Irungu is said to have told Kassaine about an argument with Maribe that prompted the attempted suicide. Kassaine, his wife and Maribe took Irungu to three different hospitals.

On September 21 at about 7 pm, they recorded a statement at Lang’ata police station claiming Irungu had been shot by three gunmen on a motorbike.

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie Joe
Joseph Irungu alias Jowie Joe

Kassaine changed his statement and explained the events of the two nights. On Tuesday 9 October, police said they were looking for another suspect who is believed to have been with Irungu the day Monica was killed.

The hunt for the suspect has spread to Mombasa, where the team is camping.
Another officer aware of the probe said they believed the suspect at large knew the whereabouts of the killer weapon and two sets of keys

That of Monica’s house and her car – which are still missing. The officer said the killer weapon hold the key to the murder investigations.

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