Jacque Maribe’s fiancé arrested as person of interest in murder of Kileleshwa woman Monicah Nyawira who was found dead in bathtub

Jacque Maribe’s fiancé has allegedly been arrested in connection to the murder of Monicah Nyawira whose body was found dumped in a bathtub.

Joe Irungu was questioned at the Kilimani police station over the killing of 29-year-old Monica Kimani.

The woman’s lifeless body was found in a bathtub at her house by relatives who went to check on her on Friday.

A senior police officer at Kilimani told the Star that an inquiry was launched immediately after the lady was killed.

She was found inside a bathtub by her sister who came visiting.

The sister told police they had to break into the house having failed to get a response after knocking several times.

They were shocked to find the body in the bathroom with a slit neck. Monica lived alone.



Nyawira who lived alone had returned from South Sudan before meeting her untimely death these comes even as conflicting information about her death emerged.

Kilimani woman found slaughtered, body dumped in bathtub only days after returning from South Sudan

Speaking about her daughters death, the deceased’s father Bishop Paul Ngarama divulged that the security guards manning the Limuria Garden Apartments where Ms Nyawira was found murdered, were reluctant to let them in when they returned from the mortuary where they had taken the body of the deceased.

When the family enquired about a neighbor who had met Ms Nyawira and two men who visited her on the eve of the murder, they security guards informed them that the neighbor had since moved.

However, the agent contradicted this account when the family called to confirm if the neighbor had indeed moved.

The agent whose number is listed informed the family that there is no vacant house on the block in which Nawira lived, a clear indication that the neighbor had not moved as claimed by the security guards.

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