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“It was tough” Jacque Maribe opens up about suffering two miscarriages

Journalist Jacque Maribe has stepped up to share a story of heartbreak after two miscarriages in her pregnancy journey.

Maribe shared with Carol Mandi how her journey to motherhood wasn’t easy as she miscarried two pregnancies that led her to take a break in South Africa.

“I had almost gotten a baby before but I got a miscarriage. It was tough at the time, it was all new to me then we tried again then we had a miscarriage. Then they discovered I had a septum where the uterus had a hole in between, so were were lucky we found out early. I was told to have surgery and give myself a period of time and wait, and I remember I panicked and said I’m not gonna do this and I can’t remember how long it took, and so that was in 2013. I traveled to South Africa for work, and I remember I got so  at the time I had gone on assignment and my colleague was liek kwani you are pregnant? Then I came back home and went to see the doctor. He announced that I was pregnant.”

Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son
Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son

Jacque now has one son with Eric Omondi and she wants another child as she also revealed.

She spoke about plans for baby number two

“My son Zahari is a miracle baby. He was delivered early. When I found out i was pregnant with him I told three special people, my father, my mother who is a prayer warrior, and my sister who lives in Dubai. After Zahari came I had the surgery the doctor told me”

“I want one more child. Zahari means God remembers and literally God remembered me. Zahari makes me happy”

She concluded

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