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Jacque Maribe granted bail, as fiancé Jowie to stay in custody

Jacque Maribe and her fiancé Joseph Irungu alias Jowie today appeared before Justice James Wakiaga for the hearing of their bail application.

The TV presenter was granted bail, weeks after she was arrested. Making the judgement Justice James Wakiaga ruled that Jacque Maribe should be released on a Ksh 2 million bond with 1 surety of the same amount.

The other option was a cash bail of Ksh 1 million with 3 sureties of the same amount.

The bail comes with a few conditions among them being that

1. Jacque Maribe cannot report news during this whole period.

2. She cannot discuss the issue, or be invited to interviews to discuss Monicah Kimani’s murder.

3. She can’t meet anyone related to Monicah Kimani either direct or indirectly.

4. Accompany her advocate to her house and allow the investigating officer to take any photographic evidence, if he is not done with investigations before she is allowed into the house.

5. Cannot interview anyone involved in the case either directly or indirectly.

In the previous hearing, lead prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki, was opposed to the release of the two on bail or bond saying that they have been charged with a capital offence.

Initially the Prosecution was against Maribe’s return to news-anchoring, saying should she be allowed to broadcast news, she would likely “intimidate” the witnesses.

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“Should we order that she shouldn’t be allowed to anchor news on TV, and her employer insists that that was what she was hired to do, and since she can’t do it due to a court order, she gets laid off, who would we blame for that?” posed Justice Wakiaga.

The Prosecution further argued that while investigations are still underway they have already identified the key witnesses whom they say could be influenced by the accused persons.

In their submission, the Prosecution termed Jowie as a flight risk since his nature of work indicates that he has travelled to the Middle East countries on a regular basis.

They further told the court that Jowie has not been cooperating with the police and the information he has given is not true.


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