Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi together

Happy Birthday my friend-Itumbi says as he attends birthday with bestie Maribe

Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi are the poster-children for great platonic relationships (which I don’t believe is truly possible). Last year, Itumbi proved his worth as Maribe’s ‘bestest friend ever!!!!’ when he studiously stood by her last year when she became a murder suspect.

Maribe-Jacque-and-Jowie-in-court last year

And Maribe returned the favour this year when she supported Itumbi during his recent court dates over the fake Ruto assassination letter that made the rounds.

Jacque Maribe visiting Dennis Itumbi at the police station
Jacque Maribe visiting Dennis Itumbi at the police station

This past weekend the two attended an invite-only birthday party of one of their friends at a popular joint where a few photos trickled online. Itumbi, as usual, penned down a sweet poem for his friend which read:

Friendship is Martin Gitau

Happy Birthday my friend.

Our story from the days of hustle in Mukuru Slums to Mbotela and our little victories along the way is one written in both our hearts and soul.

We have had our challenges, but we have stood for each other when we had nothing and when we have something to share.

Your family and mine have become friends because we are.

During our birthdays we celebrate our friendship.

Daamn, the journey of life, through its blessings and challenges, poetry and lyrics and through its demands has been easier because you have been right there.

Our trophy and medal moments, our cheer and sad moments – are the paragraphs of our great story of friendship.

As you celebrate your birthday, I wish you a full cup of life. I will be there with you, like you have been here with me.

I wish you a great year buddy!

Maribe at the party
Maribe at the party

Clearly, Itumbi’s love language is expressed using poetry. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who witnessed the poems he wrote for Jacque during her stay in remand last year.

She is ’16 months pregnant’ – Dennis Itumbi says about Jaque Maribe

The odd thing is that while Dennis has written numerous poems about Jacque, the reverse hasn’t happened even once! Great friendship this!

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