Jacque Maribe celebrates her son’s birthday

Media personality, Jacque Maribe is celebrating her son as he marks a new milestone.

Jacque’s son with Eric Omondi, Zahari turned 8 years today.

Maribe penned a beautiful yet emotional message praising Zahari for changing her life for the better.

The mother of one said in Zahari, that she found true love, purpose and meaning. 

Maribe wrote;

14.05.14. 8 years ago today, my life as I knew it changed completely, for the better. A new title, I found true love, I found purpose and meaning. I became a mum, forthwith, mama Zahari. And I have loved every minute of this journey.

Maribe also explained the meaning of her son saying Zahari means ‘God has remembered.

I couldn’t have picked a better name for you my son. And through our journey, God has faithfully remembered. I love you more than all the words in all the books in the whole wide world. Happy 8th birthday, King Zee!! Added Maribe.

Maribe also posted her son’s photos showing their journey together.

Last week, Maribe said that she suffered miscarriages and that during her pregnancy there were many instances where she could have lost her son.

This she said is the reason why she is overly protective of her son.

“I had gone through miscarriages. During this pregnancy, every single day was a blessing. I am very particular about my son. I am so invested in his well-being. I am his mother not for the name but for his life. So many times I would have lost him during that pregnancy. So when you see me being an overprotective mum, you know. And anyone who harms my child is the devil reincarnated.”


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