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‘I will take care of yours because someone else is raising mine’ Kenyans say about DNA tests


DNA testing has led to many men discovering that the children they are raising are not theirs.

Advice about if men should or shouldn’t demand for a mandatory paternity test was heavily debated on Classic 105 in the morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’.

This was after Maina weighed in on the story of KANU politician Jackson Kibor demanding a DNA test be taken on six sons demanding to inherit his property.

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jackson kibor

Maina Kageni was of the opinion that ‘for a man to do that, there must be something there, where there is smoke there is fire, he has had drama with them for years on end’.

DNA paternity testing is the use of DNA profiles to determine whether an individual is the biological parent of another individual. Paternity testing can be especially important when the rights and duties of the father are in issue and a child’s paternity is in doubt.

Mwalimu expressed the fear that many men have of raising children who are not theirs biologically.

Men are never sure the children they are raising are theirs, he said

This conversation sparked alot of makasiriko with people divided on the need to ascertain a child’s paternity, or just play along.

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Good morning Maina, it’s only wife who knows the father of the kids & it’s classified no one will ever know not even the biological father of the kid. This is cos they want their kids to get the best life so that they don’t suffer in future.
tok mmoja comedy..
The kid being mine or not mine can be as a result of both of us or one party, you are right and you are also wrong, but who cares??
Hello Maina and Kingangi.Truth be told, unless you conduct a DNA test, only the wife can ascertain if the kid you’re raising is yours or not.#MainaAndKingangi.

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Let’s raise them because somebody somewhere is raising mine too
Give us a brake maina please, we don’t care because we also got kids outside there they being raised with different men tumezoea a kenya woman just multi-tasking kila place #MainaAndKingangi

Allan Mwangi..
Am not sure Hawa wanawake maze hucheza home away n neutral ground bro…unless tufanye DNA
Monique Kimmss..
There’s no problem raising a kid that’s not biologically yours.Same men complaining here are the same men who have abandoned theirs out there and another man is taking care of them!!

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