Jackie Matubia to Brenda Jons: Here are celebs looking energetic after the gym


These female celebrities have decided to end the year in style and are totally slaying after a work out.

After burning some heavy calories, we thought it fair to share their photos. Not only are their outfits super cute and matching but we have never seem them looking so good and excited after an intense gym session.

If you want to feel good about yourself and your workouts, having clothes that are comfortable and cute can make a worl d of difference.

Want proof of how the photos taken after their workouts are flattering? See below

  1. Comedian Brenda Jons who plays Mama Plezident Kingston has recently began this journey. she shares with her 178k fans how flattering her body now seems and the effort is worth it.

2. Yummy Mummy: I thnk she has the most stylish workout gear. The vlogger has invited fans to get snatched by Christmas in several motivational messages. Check out her page here. Joan has been very vocal about how much training she is doing and her body transformation.


Kate Actress also does it in style


4. Our fav girl Wahu is also hitting teh gym hard and let me tell you Maina, her body is banging


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