Jackie Matubia hilariously sums up how she got pregnant again

Being pregnant is such a beautiful thing.

And actress Jackie Matubi knows this all too well, as she is pregnant with her second child.

And when announcing the pregnancy last week January 5th, she shrugged it off. ‘Blessed! #babynumber2ontheway’ she captioned the post.

‘But now in a reel, Jackie sums up how things went down.

I mean she is growing a whole human, how cool is that? Using Inaya’s song suga daddy, which goes something like this

‘But I took one too many shots to the head
But got back to the room, pop-pop threw me on the bed
And he came alive, I’m surprised he ain’t dead’

The other lyrics would get me banned on Google, so go check out what else she sings.

And the video on her channel has amused many.

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