Jackie Matubia-I got pregnant despite being on contraceptives

Award winning actress Jackie Matubia, has revealed that she only found out she was expectant after she slid and fell during a night out with her friends.

She assumed she did not get hurt after the fall but she was hurt. Sharing her story via her YouTube channel the actress said,

I knew I was pregnant at 8 weeks. There is an event I went to and we partied hard. I went to backstage and missed a step and fell. When I went to my friends I told them about it and we even laughed about it.”

Matubia did not know at the time that she was expectant. She only learned that a few days later.

The next day my left side butt cheek had a swelling. That day I just stayed indoors. The next day I wasn’t feeling well, I even thought I had covid. I had no appetite, and his cologne was irritating me. I was at a point where I never thought I could be pregnant again.”

Matubia says when she got to the hospital she was given different tests while waiting for the results.

“Between my last period and the time of conception, when I was getting pregnant I was on family planning (an injection)
The doctor told me I was 8 weeks pregnant, I froze when the doctor told me that. I did not know whether to laugh, cry or shout. Zahri’s (1st born) was something I had planned for. In This second pregnancy, I wasn’t ready because our relationship was just in the ‘honeymoon’ period

Jackie Matubia

Matubia says she had wanted Madiba and her daughter to bond before they thought of getting another child,

“I went to the car and cried for 30 minutes. I then called Blessing (Madiba) over the phone and he was very excited. But he also told me to tell him more about it once we got home. After learning I was pregnant is when the symptoms come in.


” For the next 1 week, I used to cry because I did not know if my contracts with different companies would be terminated. I felt like I was gonna lose all the sources of my income, it
was hard.

The couple made their relationship public on Valentine’s Day. Matubia says she did not want to confuse her fans because at the time she and Madiba were still acting on Zora.

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