J Blessing

J Blessing reveals details about painfully losing his son, Kyle

Jibril Blessing is one of the most talented people you will ever meet in this blessed country of Kenya. The entertainer is a TV producer, music video director and cinematographer.

While his professional accomplishments have brought him fame and rightly so, the man also has pedigree when it comes to being gossip fodder for us bloggers.

J Blessing
J Blessing

J Blessing recently spoke to one of my colleagues and opened up about losing a child. He and his ex-lover Chantelle lost a baby four years ago. Kyle was the boy’s name and he was six months old when he passed. He said of the loss;

When he was sick, he was given an immunization injection and a few weeks later he passed on. During that time I was going through a lot in life and I remember when doctors talked to us about his health status, I was like I’m sure God is going to heal him.

J Blessing with Chantelle in the past
J Blessing with Chantelle in the past

He added;

I went home that night and prayed. around 8 am I told God please heal my son, you’ve always been in my life but behind the scenes, whereby things happen but I can really confirm if it’s you. because people talk of God doing miracles in their lives and this was the time I wanted to see him doing something visible.

Sadly, despite his prayers, his son still passed on. Blessing recalls that the hospital called him 5 minutes after he made the prayer telling him that his kid had passed on.

Blessing holding his departed son
Blessing holding his departed son in a file photo


Blessing said that the weeks before Kyle passed that they had resorted to praying to God through mediators as they felt like God wasn’t hearing their prayers.

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He said that Kyle’s death was a lesson for him as a person, with some evenhttps://classic105.com/exclusive-j-blessing-baby-daddy-just-rumors-avril/ telling him that God wanted to teach him a lesson. It also affected him so much because he said that he loved kids. The entertainer was brought up alone and he went through a lot.

J Blessing
J Blessing

Blessing, however, had a powerful message after learning to come to terms with the death. He summarised;

Kyle was a message of reconciliation so if someone tells me I lost my son, I don’t feel like I lost him because right now I’m full of reconciliation.

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