Ivy Namu on why she fell in love with her baby daddy

Kenyan You tuber Ivy Namu has revealed why she and her baby daddy chose to have a selective CS when they were delivering their son last year.

She also talked about why she fell in love with her baby daddy, Willis Raburu.

Namu revelead this during a Q and A Segment session with her fans. She says what she loves most about the love of her life is that she can be real when with him.

“He’s kind, compassionate, honest & a man of his word. I feel safe & secure around him & never had to ask about what his feelings or plans with me coz he’s always been so open about it.”


“Also I never had to change, hide, or fake anything about myself (good&bad) around him; I can always be 💯 Me and that makes me feel free. I love it here.”

One fan was curious to know whether Namu is expectant with a second child. This was based on some photos where some netizens noticed a ‘bulging’ belly.

“This question is very funny & not in a haha way. With all the factors surrounding pregnancy, surely it should be up to the peeps involved to share the news at their own time? Idk I find it impolite to ask such a personal question.”

Namu says she loves everything about motherhood adding that her favourite thing is watching her baby’s milestones.

“It’s been great watching each other grow in this parenting journey. Plus we have gotten better at communicating and attending to each other’s needs.”

The mother of one says they will let their fans know their son’s name when the time is right.

On why she chose an elective CS she said, “I honestly didn’t wanna go through labour just to end up needing an emergency CS. My partner and I were looking for some level of certainty and that is what selective CS gave us.”

She added that she has no regrets for choosing to deliver that way.

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