I’ve tried dumping my stubborn girlfriend 50 times


In Kenya we say in Kiswahili that ‘ukiwachwa kubali kuachika’, which in English means if someone leaves you just accept and move on.

Yet this is the nightmare that one Kenyan man is finding hard to deal with.

In a confession on Classic 105 radio, the man told Maina Kageni that he has unsuccessfully tried dumping his stubborn girlfriend, but she won’t leave.

His multiple attempts at kicking her out of his house have backfired and he is now a very frustrated man.

What would possess a woman to refuse to be dumped and stay in the mans house despite him saying he is done?

He explains

I have tried to chase my girlfriend away from my house close to 50 times and she refuses to go, and she is still here infact I sent her sister a message to tell her to leave kwa amani, yeye amekataa na amesema haendi haendi,

How do you deal with someone who refuses to get dumped? And another question, how do you get a stubborn person to leave?

The man continued about his depressing story saying that

I don’t know what to do, itabidi ninganngane na hali yangu, wanaume huku nje wanaumia they just don’t talk about it

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