‘I’ve been sleeping with my cousin for years, I can’t resist him’ Brags woman

A woman has been caught in a dilemma after being blackmailed by her cousin whom she has been sleeping with for years despite being married.

*Melanie* says that it all started as an accident which has now turned into her worst nightmare.

I have been sleeping with my cousin for the past 5 years and it’s becoming a problem to my love life.

I no longer feel any sexual attraction to any man but the moment I  see him I run crazy and want to have sex with him, something that started as a mistake has become an addiction

Something we both know is wrong and could cost us much because we are from a royal family be this good.

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It started 5 years ago when he came to town to stay with us for a few days,everyone was out and i was all alone at home,I had just had my shower and was standing naked in front of my mirror when he walked in without knocking .

He stood there staring while i tried to cover and throw him out but then he held me like no man has ever and kissed me I think I fell prey because I always found him sexy and attractive because he was my dream kinda man.

He calmed me down and made love to me till I couldn’t move and since then it became a habit.

She adds that she has tried to convince him against what they are doing but he has threatened to expose her to her husband instead.

The last time I tried to refuse he slapped me and forcefully made love to me and he even threatened to tell the man that came to marry me about our affair.

I want out but how do i go about it?,I have tried to talk to him but it didn’t work out and he cant stand seeing me with any man.

My life is a mess and I need help.

What would you advice her to do?

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