‘I’ve been married for 18 years and my mother-in-law does not know where we live’ Brags city woman

During Yesterdays morning conversation on Classic 105, a male caller left women fuming after strongly stating that their mother’s come FIRST.

According to him, nothing can come between the two of them, and going by the responses a majority of men seem to agree with him.

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He says

“My case is different I am 35 and I live with my siblings, 3 sisters, my wife, kids and my mum.

  I can’t live in a good place and my mother is struggling.

To me my mum is everything. She comes first even when it comes to cooking her food is cooked first then ours follow.


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That statement elicited a heated debate and here is what the fans had to say on why men bring their mothers to live with their wives.

Another says

“My problem is being close to my mum,she is my mum. I can’t stay a day without speaking to my mum, that is why she has to stay with us.”

Another adds

“I have no problem if he treasures his mother. We all treasure ours. Love her unconditional yes, but don’t disrespect your wife in the process. I cannot live with my mother in law in the same house”


Another male caller adds

“I live with 3 sisters, my wife, my mother and my kids and my wife is very Ok with that because my mother has not wronged her.”

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An agitated female caller blasted the men living with their mom’s, saying that they need to change their way of thinking

“That man has a mental disorder. Hio ni ujinga. I have been married for the last 14 years, yet my mother in law does not know where we live.

Whenever she gets sick we go to her place take care of her and come back home. How does one even go to live with his son?


Those men who are speaking have not even gone through the traditional rites of giving out goats. My mother in law respects our space. She says that she has her own house so she lets us be.”

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