‘I’ve been killed thrice,’ Papa Shirandula comedian Njoro opens up

Papa Shirandula actor Kenneth Gichoya alias Njoro says when he received the news that his long time friend Charles Bukeko known to many as Papa Shirandula had died, he thought it was the normal fake news that had been written on several occasions.

Both Papa and Njoro have been killed on social media.

For Njoro it is not once or twice, but three times.

Speaking to Classic 105, Njoro says it’s something he wishes no one else goes through.

 “It’s very bad especially to my family and people who know you personally.

Sometimes my mother calls me crying asking me why people are doing this to me.

When people spread death news about me, they play with people’s emotion by putting my family in stress.

Some people even call my wife saying ‘Pole mzee ameenda.’ Yet I am alive and kicking.”

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The father of three added saying that only God can deal with such people.

“It’s never a good thing.”

njoro at pap shirandula

Njoro says that what made it even harder to believe that Papa Shirandula was dead is that he has in the past been ‘killed’ by blogs.

“It’s not the first time he had been killed by blogs, I have also been killed three times but it was just false news.

We had talked two weeks ago and when a friend of mine called me with the news I told them that it was ‘wale mabloggers’.”

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