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Kenyans mock Dennis Itumbi after he was ordered to pay child support

Dennis Itumbi has not had the best week from a PR standpoint, with his embarrassing removal from the VVIP stage at the BBI Conference at Bomas being the highlight.

But it seems that isn’t the only loss (depending on who you ask) he might be taking this week after he was ordered to start paying upkeep for a child he fathered.

Dennis Itumbi smiling
Dennis Itumbi smiling

The children’s court directed Mr. Itumbi, who also leads Deputy President William Ruto’s social media brigade, to pay the woman interim maintenance order of Sh20,000 monthly, pending hearing and determination of the case.

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This was after results of a DNA test, which Mr Itumbi had demanded should be conducted, returned the verdict that he is the father of the baby girl.

Dennis Itumbi smiling
Dennis Itumbi smiling

Mr. Itumbi himself came out on his Twitter page to admit that DNA results couldn’t be trifled with and that the child was his. His tweet is below;

Some of the comments from Kenyans who read the Tweet are below;

neemohos huyu msee kazi yake this week ni kujifanya hajaskia vibaya😂💀

James omosa Hahahahaha I wanted to write the same,

Lightweight How you survive with these Ls everyday is an inspiration.

Dawn blacki Hii wiki imekua tackle after tackle for you

gauo🇰🇪 Even before i read this tweet, I knew Itumbi will never lack an answer to anything. He can even tell you what goes on at Jupiter like he went, lived there & came back, and he will call that #SystemYaFacts. That’s Itumbi for you; a replica of his own boss. But their fate is sealed

Dennis Usiruke kama ulimwaga dani sasa unatuhadithia hapa system ya facts nini

Gathoni You had to be ordered. Tf is WRONG with you bragging about something you had to be compelled to do?

Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba CONGRATULATIONS Ndugu Dennis👊🏿👌🏿. Please pass me that formula ya kupata ma-girls! I should think I The Fisherfolk needs a Daughter:

Waitueka ..🇰🇪 I have my own issues but my fren, hizi zako zimepanga laini kama nyororo! Wah, uko na namba ya Bishop Nganga??

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