Ali Kiba with Hamisa on the song Dodo

‘It’s their right…’ Diamond responds to Hamisa Mobetto and Ali Kiba’s chemistry

Ali Kiba, in his new song ‘Dodo’ used Hamisa Mobetto as the video vixen. Well, Hamisa is baby mama to Diamond Platnumz. Ali Kiba and Diamond have been rivals for a long time and do not see eye to eye.

After the video came out, fans from both sides threw online blows at each other.

Diamond in an interview said that he was aware that Kiba and Hamisa were working together

“Ali Kiba has the right to work with whoever he feels like, so does Hamisa. Before they went to shoot Hamisa told me that she was working with Ali Kiba. She gave me a heads up so that I would be prepared with anything that people on social media would say”

In the video, Hamisa acts as Ali Kib’a lover.

Before she launched her singing career, Hamisa had worked as a model and video vixen. She gained fame when she was featured by Diamond and Rayvanny in their music video ‘Salome’.

Alikiba confesses love for Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa in new music video

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